Batch Insights focuses on using scalable Big Data technologies, processes and workflows to allow our clients to capitalize on their data.

Big Data may be a bandwagon to some, but the underlying commercial problem is real. There is a well defined problem of how to effectively leverage masses of data within and external to your organization. How is it best queried, stored, analyzed to get a real term advantage from what you already own and what you are planning to collect.

Charles Spencer Chaplin In a billion user mobile app and Internet era, why make key decisions from sampling and incomplete data?

Build multi-dimensional and granular views of all of your products, services and customers.
Start connecting with each of your customers and clients.

A summary total of what we've collectively delivered for our clients

Of brands, clients and app makers
Virtualised and physical Hadoop + MPP nodes
Data loaded, processed, analyzed
Dev/Test/Prod Clusters on Global Data Centres
of end user analysts, planners and traders
worth of RFPs, POCs, software and hardware

Recent Projects

We've worked in a range of industries and solved a plethora of problems using Big Data. From this, we've learned some key lessons and devised strategies to respond to this rapidly emerging field. These are a few examples:

How we support your growth.

  • Business Analysis and Problem Definition

    First step: Understand the drivers behind your growth ambitions. What will you gain from using a Big Data approach? How are you using the data you own at the moment? We work out a strategy to upgrade your capabilities to process, query and analyze more.
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  • Learning and Technology Deep Dive.

    Technology is often term heavy and can be more about geek kudos and technical prowess than commercial return. Our aim is to filter out the noise and focus on the commercial problem first.
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  • Deploy, scale, grow. Repeat.

    With experience in multi-data centre deployments we employ an iterative deployment model to evolve the solutions. We work closely with your existing infrastructure and procurement teams to upgrade your technical capability.
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Our Services


For Startups

  • Introduction to Big Data technologies
  • Capability Study on current systems
  • Growth strategy using Big Data
  • RFP/Proof of Concept. Using low cost/open source stack
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For Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Production of a Data Strategy
  • Technology & Process Review
  • RFP/POC with Big Data vendors
  • Development of POC workflows
  • PoC deployment and review
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Larger organizations & Multinationals

  • Introduction to Big Data.
  • Production of a Corporate Data Strategy
  • Global System Architecture Definition
  • RFP/POC with Big Data vendors
  • POC Deployment and Review
  • Enterprise Migration, Development and Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Machine Learning and Optimisation
  • Targetted advertising using Recommendation Engines.
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For all organizations

  • Hadoop, Map Reduce and Big Data.
  • Introduction to MPP warehouses (SQL)
  • Visualizing Big Data
  • Understanding Google DoubleClick
  • Big Data, Machine Learning with R and Mahout.
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