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World Class Project presents...
 The Free From Malaria Comic

Free From Malaria is a  free comic available for download and printing. The comic teaches children how Malaria is spread by mosquitoes and how to recognise its symptoms. It enforces the importance of getting early treatment and using insecticide treated nets.

The narrative is based on warm illustrations (by Joanna Scott) and helps children visualize how the disease spreads within the body.

To read more about how and why we created the project, please follow the blog.

The comic is available to download in Swahili, French, English and Spanish in both PDF and JPG image format from here.

Free From Malaria Logo

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We welcome any constructive feedback on content, structure, translation and illustrations. You can discuss these at any time on the public forum. We always use any advice to improve new releases of this and future comics. Nothing would give us more joy than to see young people around the world using and getting benefit from our content. If you have videos or photos of the comic being used, please email us and we will upload it to our Flickr/YouTube stream. Please ensure that you have the permission of the people in the video or picture first!
Translate Derive
If you would like to help translate this product into your local or other language please email us. We still need help with translation into Hindi, Arabic, Yoruba and other African dialects and languages.
If you would like to derive and modify the comic, we can also provide the original Photoshop or GNU Imaging Program format. Derivation must be done in accordance with creative commons BY-NC-SA-3.0. Please keep the World Class Project logo and credits (on top of page one) intact if you want to modify the comic.

Coming soon: Version 3 of the OLPC version of Free From Malaria with more languages and voice narration.